About Me

Good day,

I hope you are well.


My name is Sally Clark but you can call me Sal. I am married with two grown up children and live and work in England in the United Kingdom.

I started Fifth Foot Organics as I am a huge believer in all things natural in treating the human body from hollistic treatments to alternative therapies.

I first discovered alternative treatments after I was off work with stress and after convential treatments didnt work I tried aromatherapy. Within a fortnight I was back to full health and back at work.

I have a massive interest in complementary healthcare and the benefits it can provide to both mind and body. I find the potential that plants and herbs have to be truly fascinating as they have been used in Eastern medicine for years to treat numerous ailments and in some instances preventing surgical intervention. I find this particularly fascinating as men and women in Far Eastern countries have the longest lifespans in the world.

As well as Chinese Herbal Medicine, I am focused on reiki, massage, meditation and aromatherapy. I have created my website to provide information to people who share a similar interest but I would like to make it clear that I am not a healthcare professional.

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy the site and it is of some value to you.