The root vegetable known as Maca originates from the Peruvian Andes. Maca, also known as Peruvian Ginseng is reported to have numerous health benefits. In fact, powdered Maca is considered a unique superfood that is said to boost energy, improve stamina and enhance libido. Maca root powder is also widely used in many of the best male enhancement pills.

At one point, demand for Maca declined, however, today, the male enhancement herb is back in demand. During the 1960s, the Peruvian biologist, Gloria Chacon de Popovici, Ph.D. discovered Maca root made cows, pigs, rats, dogs, guinea pigs and humans more fertile.

We should not underestimate the health benefits of Maca, the ancient food source is a natural aphrodisiac and natures answer to Viagra.


When the well-known author David Wolfe wrote a book about Superfoods he described Maca as a powerful adaptogen, a nutritious substance that helps to relieve stress and to enable the human body to adapt in stressful situations. The powerful adaptogenic herb Maca promotes natural balance, increases endurance and energy, oxygenises the blood, supports physical strength, enhances libido and aids neurotransmitter production. The superfood also supports the thyroid, the adrenal glands and the endocrine system to promote healthy hormone production and to improve mood.

Maca root extract is contained in many leading male enhancement supplements and is widely used to treat hot flushes, memory loss, stress, depression and fertility.

Maca is a key ingredient in many herbal supplements, but the root has never undergone any in-depth clinical studies. However, the powerful superfood, used in numerous male enhancement products is reported to be beneficial to health. Here are some common reasons why people take maca root extract:

  • Maca Root Promotes Shiny Hair
    • Many hair forums say those who take a Maca supplement are more likely to have a good head of lustrous hair. The herbal supplement helps the hair to grow thick and to remain in good condition.
  • Maca Root for Infertility and Fertility
    • Maca is considered one of the best male enhancement aids, but the root is commonly used to treat infertility. Many prefer to take natural supplements, considering them safer than over-the-counter or prescription medicines. Maca is thought to improve male sperm and female eggs, to better libido and to combat menopausal symptoms.
  • Maca can make you curvaceous
    • The Peruvian women are curvy and this unique herbal supplement can make your body curvaceous and give you a well-rounded bottom.

Maca root is sold in pill and powder form and various male enhancement solutions contain Maca powder. Powdered Maca is potent, but it doesn’t taste pleasant, therefore people usually add the powder to smoothies or food. If you regularly visit a “juice bar” you may have noticed Maca is included in “Power Smoothies”. It is wise to buy quality Maca powder and you should always source an organic product.

Maca pills are not costly. The tablets can be swallowed along with your other vitamin pills. Many health food stores stock Maca in pill and powder form. Your local pharmacy may not stock the herbal supplement, but Maca male enhancement pills are sold online.

How does Maca Work?

Dried powdered Maca root is rich in iron, iodine, zinc, copper, silicone, manganese, selenium, sodium, sulfur, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. The root is also rich in vitamins E, C, B1 and B2.

Maca stimulates the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus, the glands responsible for regulating other important glands. This in turn, helps to re-balance the testicular, ovarian and adrenal glands, the pancreas and the thyroid.